Bill Landon

Born in Norfolk, VA, Bill was introduced to the guitar at age 13 when he discovered a beat-up acoustic guitar and learned the Appetite for Destruction (Guns ‘N Roses) album by ear, and he never looked back. Throughout the metal years and original/metal cover bands of his teens, he ended up at Shenandoah College and Conservatory for Music to start exploring a more Jazz-oriented appetite. There he was introduced to the likes of Frank Gambale, Scott Henderson, and Pat Metheny. During his stay, a dorm mate introduced him to Dream Theater and his life has never been the same.

While completing his music studies obtaining a Music Composition degree from ODU in 1999, he took up the bass and formed the progressive metal band Frameshift with his drummer/classmate Anthony Geluso, also a Dream Theater addict. Bill started crafting his piano-style technique and drew inspiration from Canada’s bass-extrordinaire Adrian Davidson. He never let his imagination succumb to technical obstacles, and that appetite that grew within him is well nourished by his addition in the Jay Rakes Band.